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About Us

Welcome to Sunset Tanning Ltd.
We are proud to say we opened our doors in June 2019 and our business has been thriving since. Our managing director Linda Mc Gettigan, has over 13 years experience in the Sunbed/Tanning industry. Linda's main objective for Letterkenny, was to have a warm, welcoming & friendly tanning salon for all genders. Our salon is very modern & unique where our clients can also sit and relax in our waiting area.
We are also the only sunbed salon in town that has a Powder Room equipped with straighteners and toiletries for any clients who wish to freshen up before or after a sunbed session!
All our staff are fully trained and willing to help you with your tanning needs and requirements whether you're a first time customer or an experienced tanner. 

We are also delighted to announce, we now have an in house Beautician - Simply Beautiful. Shannon is a qualified nail technician who also offers a variety of beauty treatments including Brows, Lashes and Waxing etc. 


Our Sunbeds

iXtreme X3

  • 250 Watt

  • Newest model of stand up Sunbeds

  • Features changeable LED lights for that WOW factor

  • All 250 Watt bulbs with anti - aging & UV protection bulbs

  • Built in Aqua Breeze

  • First stand up with 58 - 60 bulbs

  • Highest standard of bulbs - to receive the best tanning results

Ergoline - Lie Down

  • 240 watt

  • Multi relax body glass

  • Air conditioning

  • Highest quality of bulbs including UV & anti - aging bulbs

  • Bluetooth speakers

  • Facial panel controls

Our Salon

We are here...

Unit 3B, Glencar Business Park, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

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